Kabod Online
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Kabod Online is an adult-oriented F2P MMORPG targeting mature audiences. Choose from six classes and explore some of Kabod’s unique features.

The word "glory" translated as "kabod" in Hebrew.
Curiously, this word is derived from a root with the basic meaning of “heavy.”
From this root came, among other things, a word meaning “rich.”
Speakers of ancient Hebrew would refer to a rich person as “heavy in wealth” much as we might say someone is loaded. A similar extension of the literal sense of kabod included being loaded with power, reputation, or honor. It’s from this use of the word that we get the meaning of glory.
God’s glory is God’s weightiness in wonderful qualities such as might, beauty, goodness, justice, and honor.
Do you want to feel and experience beauty, goodness, justice and honor? Play Kabod Online!!

1. New elite Monsters
2. Division war
3. PvP and safe zone
4. Weekly event and presents
5. Daily QnA
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