Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 26748
Date 2009-08-26
Publisher Orgeforce
Date 2009-08-26
Publisher Orgeforce
The player controls Kadiz, a corpulent fellow fond of jambusters (jelly donuts). Kadiz goes through colorful levels zorbing his favorite jambusters, but Health Care Professionals (HCPs) try to make him lead a healthy life. Kadiz should avoid meeting them; otherwise he will lose his weight and die. The game is not as simple as it may seem at the first glance: the HCPs will pursue Kadiz once he appears on their platforms, and to evade them the player has to invent crafty schemes. Plenty of fun is guaranteed; and the bright colors of KadizBusters are sure to delight the players.

- A friendly chef baking buster;
- 5 enemies able to attack from a distance;
- Enemies following Kadiz across the platforms;
- Trampolines, ziptubes, teleportation;
- Various machinery;
- Bombs and jellyballs;
- Slippery surfaces, breakable platforms and walls;
- 50+ handcrafted levels and 15 useful tutorial levels;
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