Kart n' Crazy
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 0
Date 2008-03-11
Publisher GOA
Date 2008-03-11
Publisher GOA
It’s in this screwball environment that you can lose yourself on the wacky tracks and compete against 16 other players. Tornadoes, icebergs and funky mushrooms spruce up these fantastic game tracks where all of your challengers are armed to the teeth! Master your driving techniques and use the many different items at your disposal to help you win. You can also develop your character and racing car; blast off into six completely different environments and have 16 tracks to choose from. The revised beta will offer many new tracks and is free to play, so remember to drive crazy!

- Completely free online gaming without subscription.
- Amazing items to help you win against your opponents.
- A learning curve suitable for gamers of all ages.
- Extra content added every two weeks: there are already more than 140 items, 15 karts, 6 characters and 22 tracks.
- 4 game modes.
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