Kingdom Under Fire
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 9438
Date 2001-01-20
Publisher Gathering
Date 2001-01-05
Publisher Phantagram
North America Retail Box ArtEssentially, Kingdom Under Fire repeats the winning gameplay from the likes of Diablo 2 and StarCraft but adds some real interest by merging the two together so that the key characters in the RTS part of the game can be developed further during the RPG sections. The graphics in the RTS part of the game are, it has to be said, very good. Creatures ranging from the standard Warriors and Archers to Giant flying dragons, along with huge numbers of them being on the screen at any given time, make for some intense battles. The sound is a little less inspiring, for example; "Not enough food. Build more farm". Now where is the "s" on the end of farm? I know this may not seem a big gripe but when you've heard it for the 50th time you could easily find yourself shouting at your PC about its grammar. Despite these small gripes, Kingdom under Fire , does suffer from a bigger problem and something that is starting to become less and less uncommon in games today. Like other titles such as Project IGI from Eidos, the lack of save options in Kingdom under Fire can at times be very frustrating. Kingdom Under Fire is a good game, worthy of some attention, how much attention however, is not apparent. --Andi Flower
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