La Grande Armee at Austerlitz
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Publisher Matrix Games
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North America Retail Box ArtNapoleon predicted victory at the Battle of Austerlitz, a monumental engagement between the greatest forces in Europe. Armies of thousands clashed on the field before him and the allied force of Austria and Russia was crushed beneath the strategic genius of the Emperor of France. Although outnumbered and on weaker ground, Napoleon drew his enemies off the heights, repelled and encircled them. His victory was complete. It was one of Napoleon's greatest moments: you now take command for the glory or the defeat of the Army of France. La Grande Armee Campaign Series puts you in command of one of Europe's great armies at the beginning of the nineteenth century. You will be Napoleon himself, Kutuzov, General Dupont or the Duke of Brunswick. Watch your soldiers carry out your every command and test your skills as their General.

- No more hexes: a precise coordinate system allows for accurate movement on a seamless battleground
- True force loss model: losses take into account the terrain, topology and the soldier's position, orientation and organization
- Realistic appraisal of the battle field: Final victory depends on the effectiveness of your remaining troops and on control of battlefield lines of communication
- Weather effects: fight in summer sunshine, autumn rains or foggy winter weather. Alternate battlefield views: 2D and 3D battle maps are included so you can play your way
- PC: Windows 95/98/ME/XP
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