Law & Order: Justice Is Served
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date 2004-10-05
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2004-11-26
North America Retail Box ArtLaw & Order 3: Justice Is Served gives you a chance to work with the cast of TV's most popular show! A beautiful young tennis star has been found dead at the U.S. Open. There are a lot of suspects: jealous rivals, a vain boyfriend, even a long-lost parent. The Law & Order team will have to interrogate suspects, paw through crime scenes for evidence, and build a case to nail the killer!

- Adventure game based on the hit TV series
- Work a case where a young tennis star is found dead
- Piece together clues and solve puzzles to make an arrest
- Build a strong case against the accused and try to convince the jury to return a guilty verdict
- For 1 player
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