Le Mans 24 Hours
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Publisher Atari
Date 2002-05-24
Publisher Atari
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtBased on the grueling 24-hour auto race in Le Mans, France, Le Mans 24 Hours offers a focused racing experience. Le Mans races are measured by the number of tracks completed rather than the best times. Gamers looking for a nice selection of licensed cars and marathon racing sessions will love this game. The game sports 12 real-world tracks from many locations, including the Czech Republic, Japan, and Spain, and more than 70 licensed vehicles (30 more than in the Dreamcast version). The cars handle quite accurately thanks to a fine physics engine, which also powers the detailed pit stops players have to make. Game modes include quick race, championship, multiplayer, time trial, and Le Mans. The last mode allows the truly hard-core gamers to participate in a simulated 24-hour race. Although it was ported from the Dreamcast version, Le Mans 24 Hours for the PlayStation2 actually looks slightly worse than its sister product. The system's antialiasing problems are evident, resulting in jagged graphics. Sound is very poor, with a nondescript soundtrack and unrealistic engine sounds. Thankfully, the strong gameplay is retained. Though it doesn't tackle as many aspects of racing as the fabulous Gran Turismo 3--nor does it have as wide a variety of tracks and cars--it does a great job of capturing the epic feel of a Le Mans race. --Raymond M. Padilla Pros: Great representation of Le Mans racing Accurate physics Nice selection of cars Cons: Weak sound Jagged graphics No car damage

- Enjoy play with animated pit crews and enhanced visuals
- Single-player game and exciting 2-player, split-screen mode
- The Atlanta road course
- Single-player game and an exciting, 2-player split-screen
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