Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2 Review

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Graphics: 0
Sound : 6.5
Gameplay : 7.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 7.0
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Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2 (c) Infocom/Activision

Genre: Adventure
Year: 1992
Size: 11.6 mb

Infocom has a long history of making excellent text-adventures. I'm sure most of you know a game called Zork, and for those of you who didn't know it, Infocom made it ;-) There is no point trying to convince you that Infocom has had the largest impact on the text-adventures this history has seen, as any gamer should know this.

As you might've figured Leather Goddesses of Phobos 1 was a text adventure, and very well liked by alot of gamers, and now Infocom with the help of Activision made a sequal, a sequal with VGA graphics!

As you start the game you get to chose between three characters, a woman, a man, and an alien. The really interesting aspect about the game is that the character choice you make decide what game you want to play.
With each character you have your own "view" in the adventure, and start off on a totally different way than the other ones. The story in brief is about a comet like ship crash in a little town on the west side of the US. The town is your typical Texas kind of place, with a bar, cinema, jail (with a weird sheriff), a whorehouse (which the sheriff visits frequently), a church (with the typical LET'S PRAISE THE LORD!!!! AMEN BROTHERS. YOU WILL ALL FEEL GOD's POWERS...., if you pay me the specified sum) and other places you'd expect to find. I played with the woman (who is awfully sexy by the way), and she does have her nice aspects, indeed.
Actually, when you find a semi-decent looking guy you can kiss him (no, i am not a homo), and have "sexual intercourse" afterwards ;-> You can really make her to be a slut.
Being the daughter of a scientist, and having a smarty younger brother your character is to find some very strange kinds of medicine that the injured alien, which came from the comet, needs. Even though this is just the very beginning of the game you probably can figure out what kind of theme the designers wanted to make; sci-fi, with fair amounts of humour mixed with "adult content". Sounds great? It is.

The Graphics:
The only thing I can say is; WOW! When I started playing the game I was certain that this game was at least from 94, and this was only based on the graphics that the game has. It looks somewhat cartoon'ish, and the graphics which is different from your typical Sierra/Lucas Arts kind of game works really nice. Simple animations make the whole thing look better.. Whenever you speed to a character you have a large picture of him/her on your right side, and they all look very detailed. It really makes it look like Infocom/Activision
made an effort into making this game. At least on the graphic side.

The Sounds:
This is probably the first time I've played a game from 92 where there's actually real voices from the characters. Almost everything the people say are in audio, and from what I've heard it has aprox. 60 minutes of audio in it. But, the voices are sometimes a bit "goofy". Some of the voices does not sound like something people who look a certain way would say, they sound like geeky programmers.. Notice I only wrote that Some do so, and not everyone, so in general the voices are good.

The Music:
Not a whole lot I'm afraid, but then again, the music is not exactly the most important aspect of an adventure game. There could have been some more, but it's not really that bad to miss it, so you'll probably forget the lacking of such when you play the game.

I thought this was your regular point and click adventure where you see your character in 3rd person view, but here you actually have 1st person view, like in Myst and Riven. Mostly moving the character works fine, but you can get somewhat disoriented when you're moving through a town where there's many buildings etc.