Legend: Legacy of the Dragons
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
Date N/A
The game takes place on the world of Faeo. On Faeo there are two dominant races engaged in an ancient struggle for domination: Humans and the Magmars. The enmity between them has existed since long long ago and they have been at war for many years. After you sign up you will join one of the these two races as they struggle for world domination.
The variety of different kinds of armoring and weaponry permit you to fit out a more appropriate version of “leveling” a character. There is a wide variety of armour and weaponry in the game. Various elixirs and potions will help you in fierce battles, and provide you additional strength for victory over your enemy.

The main distinction between the “Legend” and the other browser MMORPGs is the new combat system.
All your actions in battle are fully animated, and you can see the result of your actions. Now you have the opportunity to take part in combat, observing the battle on the computer screen, and not being bogged down by the minutiae of text-based games.
The clothing and weaponry with which you equip your character will change your external appearance in the window titled “Information about your character” and it will also change the appearance of your character during battle. This feature allows you to know what you are up against just by looking at your foe.
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