Legend of Mir 3
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
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Adventurers of the Mir continent can take a role as a Warrior, Sorcerer, Taoist, or Assassin. Heavily armed and armored warriors are masters of weaponry and specialize in melee combat. Sorcerers excel in inflicting elemental magic damage from a distance. Although Taoists lack combat strength, they are masters of casting beneficial and enhancement spells and they are also capable of summoning creatures from the netherworld to fight their enemies. Lastly, there are assassins that have mastered the art of stealth and assassination to deal massive damage to their foes. Legend of Mir 3 revives these ancient hero classes to allow users to experience the true Eastern fantasy realm and explore Wushu¡¯s world of martial art skills and magic.
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