Legends of Might and Magic
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2001-06-20
Publisher 3DO
Date 2001-06-29
Publisher 3DO
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtMight & Magic began as a role-playing game series way back in the mid 80s. In the 90s it spun off into an excellent turn-based strategy series due to get a new instalment Heroes of Might & Magic IV). Now 3DO is taking its franchise, its monsters, heroes, spells, might and, of course, magic, into a whole new genre: multiplayer online shooter. Legends of Might & Magic plays like Quake, Tribes and Unreal Tournament, but with swords and sorcery instead of guns and rocket-launchers. Actually that's not true, Legends of Might & Magic plays exactly like the futuristic shooters only instead of lasers you're shooting magic rays and arrows. It's not much of a difference gameplay-wise and experienced players might find themselves wondering why they aren't playing a modern-day action game such as Counter-Strike instead. Legends does feature plenty of cool monsters and player models, but the various character classes play the same. The game uses the LithTech graphics engine, which just isn't as pretty as more current games out there: while characters are detailed and colourful, they are also angular and stiff. Like Half-Life's Counter-Strike you begin each round "buying" stuff to use in the fracas. Then you fight the enemy team in fantasy medieval versions of standard FPS scenarios. Instead of rescuing a scientist, or a president, you've got to rescue a damsel in distress. Sword in the Stone mode replaces Capture the Flag variants, Protect the Warlord stands in for Protect the VIP, and Slay the Dragon just isn't as cool as it sounds. Given the size and scope of Might & Magic's bestiary the game is a little disappointing. But not-so-jaded fans, new players, and Might & Magic fans in particular, will find all the repetitive things mentioned above a fun take on a genre crowded with look-alike modern combat games. Maybe next time 3DO can add a little more magic to the mix, and come up with something more than a polymorphed Counter-Strike.--Andrew S Bub

- Choose from six unique character classes - Sorceress, Druid, Archer, Cleric, Crusader, and Warrior
- Band together with five other players for a powerful gaming party
- Buy the right equipment to use before each quest, then enter fast and furious battle
- Online multiplayer action with multiple game modes
- Powered by the Monolith LithTech 2.0 game engine
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