Life Goes On
Genre Action -> Platform
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Life Goes On Launch Trailer (HD)
23.41MB - 22 downloads - 18 April, 2014

Impale knights on spikes to create a safe path. Catch a knight on a saw blade (ouch!) to strategically land the body on a button. Freeze your knights into blocks of ice to reach new heights. The deaths of your allies will be many, but their sacrifices will not be in vain. Life Goes On features 52 levels of deadly contraptions and hazards to overcome in the quest to collect the Cup of Life. The supply of knights is endless, but only the best players will manage to beat the time-challenges, minimize deaths, and find all the secrets.

play Life Goes On Launch Trailer (HD) download Life Goes On Launch Trailer (HD)
Life Goes On Trailer (HD)
18.79MB - 52 downloads - 21 June, 2013

Life Goes On is a comically morbid puzzle platformer game, where you send a series of dauntless medieval knights through a trap-ridden gauntlet, sacrificing them one by one to make progress. Impale a knight on a spike to provide the safe platform needed to cross a pit. Catch another knight on a saw blade so their body falls on a button to solve a puzzle.

play Life Goes On Trailer (HD) download Life Goes On Trailer (HD)