Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date N/A
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Date 2007-01-26
Publisher G2 Games
North America Retail 
Box ArtDo you believe in Fate and Destiny? If not, then maybe you should reconsider as the twin brothers, Fate and Destiny, are battling for supremacy over mankind! Their battleground: a vast stone citadel called The Keep of Lost Souls, created before time and housed within a realm known as LIMBO. It is here gamers must help Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs as he explores the depths of Limbo in an attempt to save mankind and bring an end to the destructive struggle between Fate and Destiny. Fail and the very essence of mankind will be ripped apart!

Utilizing a full mouse driven interface with state of the art graphics & devious puzzles, this is the adventure you have been waiting for!

- Immersive (being there) sound effects
- Full musical score
- Devious Puzzles
- Play and Reveal storyline
- Each Level feels different in play
- Spectator gameplay - You do not control the main character, you ask him to do certain actions, actions that sometimes he will or will not do
- Over 30 NPC characters to talk with
- 6 levels of logical devious puzzles
- Hours of dialogue with 100% lip synched 3D models
- 100% mouse driven, with optional keyboard shortcuts
- Save your game anywhere at anytime
- No dying, action sequences or sliding puzzles
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