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Links 2000 Links 2000 United Kingdom Retail Box ArtAccess Software's Links LS golf simulation series continues its long-standing excellence with the release of Links LS 2000, another improvement with a wealth of new features and goodies for the computer golfing fanatic. Growing accustomed to Links LS 2000's control scheme couldn't be easier. Links LS 2000 offers four different swing methods: the new PowerStroke swing, where you actually move the mouse left and right to denote backswing and downswing; the traditional two-click swing; a three-click swing; and a new Easy swing, where striking the ball is as simple as aiming and pressing the mouse button. Furthermore, Links LS 2000 includes many diverse training modes, such as the new "Links Lessons," that ease novice PC golfers into the interface, options, and controls. With five brand-new courses, including the classic St. Andrews Old Course, as well as the ability to import any of the over 25 Links LS add-on courses, Links LS 2000 should occupy space on players' hard disks for many months. Additionally, players can hop on Microsoft's online gaming service, the MSN Gaming Zone, and complete against other online golfers. Once again, the proven Links LS gameplay doesn't disappoint with 35 different play styles, including stroke play, skins game, and a new wolf challenge mode. --Doug Radcliffe
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Links 2000 North America Retail Box Art

Links 2000 United Kingdom Retail Box Art