Links 2001
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 25480
Date N/A
Date 2000-11-10
North America Retail Box ArtMicrosoft's Links 2001 sees the inclusion of a new course designer and six major new courses on top of the usual array of goodies the series normally boasts.Not stopping there, Links 2001 boasts 14 new golfers for you to cycle through, and their voices and (polite) expressions of disappointment have been sampled to accompany their visual rendering. These figures sit well with the excellent graphics, a customary consideration for modern 3-D accelerators.If you need a peaceful alternative to the all-action noise-fest of Fifa 2001 or any shooting game, here it is. The sound effects are functional to the game by default. On average, you'll only hear the birds in the background, the sound of the shot, and the player's verbal reaction to it. You must gauge the mouse-controlled clubswing to perfection to get the best shot, a process that proves quietly addictive even to a non-golfing fan.Sadly, Microsoft haven't taken into account the 15-minute installation time caused by swapping three of four CDs--this is a prime candidate for a DVD release--and you will need a lot of disk space with the maximum default being 1.1GB. Created by the same team that did Leader board on the Commodore 64 this game knows what it's doing when it comes to being a golf game. The only drawback it suffers is that it lacks the key players of today, such as Tiger Woods. This said, if you are looking for a golf game for the gameplay rather than the stats, this is as good as any. --Kenneth Henry
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