Lords of the Fallen
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Lords of the Fallen Challenge Trailer (HD)
36.7MB - 90 downloads - 23 April, 2014

The Champion Lord has always been a bit different from other commanders of the Fallen God's demonic army. For them, it was all about honor and discipline. For the Champion it was all about the intensity of a duel and the bloodthirsty satisfaction from defeating an opponent. Where other Lords would respectfully circle around their opponent, the easily enraged Champion will charge right into the fray with his pure brute force. He always likes to get his hands dirty, so his weapons of choice need to be close to his body, allowing him to smell the blood of his victims. Of course, at close range, his boiling bloodlust and reckless charges don't leave him much in terms of defense, but who would stand against a hulking brute like him? You?

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Lords of the Fallen gamescom 2013 Trailer (HD)
91.45MB - 112 downloads - 21 August, 2013

LORDS of the FALLEN is an action-RPG featuring advanced combat systems and robust class skill trees. Set in a richly created fantasy world where the Gods have failed mankind, players will take on the role of a human named Harkyn who sets out on a quest to stand against an apparently unstoppable supernatural force. Players travel across a world that is deeply divided by those who follow, and others who resist, the Fallen God. Along their journey they will be faced with a series of decisions that will alter both their gameplay experience and their character.

play Lords of the Fallen gamescom 2013 Trailer (HD.. download Lords of the Fallen gamescom 2013 Trailer (HD..