Lost Empire: Immortals
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 1092
Date 2008-03-18
Date 2008-03-14
The year is 4620. The Great War left the surviving civilizations close to extinction, but one hope remains.

Out there among unknown solar systems lies a source of salvation: The hidden paths to the mad Goddess Enais.

All civilizations, from the gigantic and fearsome beasts of the Chi Lung Dragons to the secretive and mystical cult of the Alkiths, are desperate to find the path.

Planets are invaded, gigantic fleets are built, and epic space battles are fought. In this galaxy-wide conflict, you must be the strongest, you must find the path which leads to salvation, and you must regain your Lost Empire.

Take control of one of seven powerful races or design your own from scratch
Meet up to 45 different civilizations as well as the mad Goddess Enais
Explore, conquer, and colonize any of 5000 unique solar systems
Epic fully real-time rendered 3D battle sequences
Multithreaded and multilevel science tree
Play the special Chi Lung Dragon-race featuring unique strategic gameplay
Manage and educate your leaders to optimize your civilization
Design your own ships completely
Use cunning spies and charismatic diplomats against your enemies
Win the game through domination, diplomacy, exploration, research, or culture
Play stand-alone or with your friends over the internet
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