Lula 3D
Genre Adult -> Adult
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Date N/A
Publisher CDV
Date 2006-02-24
Publisher CDV
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtLula 3D follows the adventures of the smart and sexy Lula, an erotic film producer, in her quest to save her favorite cast members from the clutches of evil kidnappers. Lula's collection of costumes, larger-than-life endowments, and zany cast of characters will provide plenty of eye-candy, while the tongue-in-cheek plot and dialog offer entertainment to adult fans of adventure games.

Lula, the adult film star and producer, appears in a fully fleshed-out 3D environment
Dozens of costumes to wear and plenty of charismatic characters to interact with
A witty and intelligent storyline follows the adventures of Lula on a cross-county search-and-rescue adventure
Doggy-cam lets you watch the goings-on through the eyes of Lula's trusty pooch
A dozen drool-inducing locations
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