Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 1689
Date 2007-02-20
Publisher Codemasters
Date 2007-02-09
Publisher Codemasters
North America Retail Box ArtMaelstrom takes place on a devastated future Earth where, in the wake of an apocalyptic ecological disaster, the planet is threatened by an alien invasion.

In this savaged world, water has become the most valuable of resources and divided the remaining humans into two factions. Now, they must wage war against the invaders and each other in a desperate struggle for supremacy and survival.

Depending on which of the three factions you choose to fight for, it's all-out destructive war as the factions battle for control of the entire planet.

Led by ex-US military General James Buchanan, The Remnants are the underdogs in this bleak future. However, these cunning, low-tech resistance fighters are large in numbers and even more resourceful in their guerrilla battle tactics.
Ascension Industries is headed by Arlan Khan. Commanding total respect, his supporters are highly intelligent and logical, yet ruthless exploiters of future technology such as transforming robotics. However, where they obtained such tech remains unknown...
The mysterious alien invaders are desperate for a new planet to inhabit and take resource from. Masters of Bio-engineering, they range from huge beasts to large swarms of small creatures.
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Maelstrom Trailer #6
44.24MB - 447 downloads - 7 February, 2007

1:02 of in-game footage

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Maelstrom Trailer #5
22.76MB - 641 downloads - 6 February, 2007

0:50 of in-game footage

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Maelstrom Trailer #3
20.84MB - 89 downloads - 23 August, 2006

vehicles trailer

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Maelstrom Gameplay Trailer
14.2MB - 288 downloads - 21 June, 2006

640x480 - 49 seconds

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Maelstrom Teaser Trailer
7.97MB - 221 downloads - 16 February, 2006

A quick glimpse into the world of Maelstrom and its central characters

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