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Maestia is the best choice for hardcore and casual gamer - and for free! The unique skill system is easy to learn and hard to master. Even professionals will have unlimited possibilities to manage their character skills to perfection.In addition to classic character development with experience points and level ups Maestia uses "Maestones" and Divinity Points to polish the players' character. You can earn them by raiding dungeons, solving quests or defeating other players.
The mercenary system is unique and allows you to fight against evil with the help of other players characters as a rented pet!

Action gameplay in a huge 3D fantasy world
Versatile character development through Maestones
Four classes with hundreds of skills, weapons, armor and mounts
Epic realm vs. realm battles with over 200 human players
Download & play for free - no subscriptions!
Unique mercenary system - rent your character to level up quickly
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