Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
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Date 2002-08-27
Publisher Gathering
Date 2002-09-06
Publisher Take 2
Mafia Mafia United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThis third-person 3-D action game takes place in a fictional city named Lost Heaven--a cross between New York and Chicago--and is about the daily life of a gangster from the '30s. More than 60 vehicles are available to drive through the 12 miles of environment; stop your car and get out whenever and wherever your want. Use weapons such as a Tommy gun, a Smith & Wesson model 27 Magnum, a pump-action shotgun, a baseball bat, or Molotov cocktails. Seven multiplayer modes are available via LAN or over the Internet, including Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

- Start out as a hitman, enforcer or getaway driver -- you'll have to complete missions to earn the respect of other mobsters, plus Don Salieri himself
- You'll need patience, skill and accuracy with a Tommy Gun as you fight your way through 20 dangerous missions
- High-speed car chases, bootlegging, assassinations, bank robberies and more -- you'll have to do it all and avoid getting caught by John Law
- Just remember, your actions have consequences -- don't hit any innocent people unless you want heat from the cops, and don't cross Don Salieri unless you want to wear cement shoes!
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Mafia North America Retail Box Art

Mafia United Kingdom Retail Box Art