Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date 2007-05-25
Publisher TeeGee
Date 2007-05-25
Publisher TeeGee
In MAGI, the player creates a wizard (choosing from various available classes, attributes and styles) and starts dueling other mages in a never-ending pursuit for the power and immortality.
Casting powerful spells, conjuring fiery projectiles, summoning mythical creatures and calling spirits to curse the opponent, are common ways to achieve victory in MAGI.

As the game progresses, the mage grows in age and is bound to meet a final opponent - the Death herself. Will the player be prepared for this last showdown? Will the magic and wits be enough to overcome the mortality?

- 10 playable professions - each with different set of special skills.

- Over 50 different spells and abilities. Each balanced and designed to be as useful as others.

- Challenging AI-controlled opponents.

- Difficulty that adjusts to the skill and progress of the player.

- Particle effects making for a great visualisation of the magical spells.

- Epic music by Rob Westwood.

- Short and intensive battles. Perfect for those free 15 minutes.

- Balanced and challenging gameplay. Many different strategies to try - each has its advantages.
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