Magic World Online
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
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Our story began in an ordinary day in the dim and distant past Humans were just worshipping Gods at their annual harvest festival. The Death Legion with King of Devils, Lucifer, struck Golden Plain, the site that had also witnessed the origin of Humans.On the other hand, Odin, King of Gods, hurriedly dispatched his Super Corps to the rescue of the catastrophic victims. But it turned out to be a snap decision of fatal consequences. Like a lamb to the slaughter, the whole Super Corps suffered a crushing blow from the Death Legion. After the victory against Super Corps, Lucifer grabbed the opportunity to storm the Frozen Mountain, the Gods headquarter. Odin had no choice but to make the ultimate sacrifice by fusing himself to the Dominant Sworda magical sword of divinity, to seal the border between Hell and the Magic Continent. Thus the Devils attempts to seize control of the universe overnight were frustrated, and Victims of God and Human beings were finally saved.

* Massive State War with thousands of players;
* Growing weapons that will upgrade together with you;
* Making the most romantic proposal and getting married in game;
* Raising your own special mount;
* Infinite weapons and armors;
* Instances System;
* 7 Living Skills;
* Official Position;
* Multiple Class Transfers;
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