Mahjongg Master Egyptian Edition
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
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Unlike traditional MahJongg that is always played in the same layout, MahJongg Master™ Egyptian Edition delivers a unique puzzle in each level. Plus, new elements like bombs, magnets and walls add even more drama and challenge to your quest! Progress through all 20 dynasties to solve the curse of the Rah! You might think that all MahJongg games are essentially the same, but you'll think again once you experience MahJongg Master Egyptian Edition! A must-have for every MahJongg maven.

* Explore 200 levels in 20 dynasties - the challenge is virtually endless!

* Enjoy beautiful Egyptian-themed graphics and cool hieroglyphic tiles.

* Use the level editor to create your own unique levels for even more variety.
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