MAKING HISTORY: The Calm & the Storm
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Date 2007-03-13
Publisher Strategy First
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Publisher N/A
MAKING HISTORY: The Calm and the Storm is a true grand strategy game that puts players in control of global conflict, combining a highly sophisticated AI with rich historical detail. The game is unique among World War II games in the way it challenges gamers to achieve economic and diplomatic victory, not just military success.

The fate of that nation is entirely in your hands as the world melts into chaos and global conflict. With behavioral models of over 70 countries Making History is a totally new approach to strategy games, where brain cells are as important as bullets.

Lush 3-D Game Space: A giant step beyond the typical grid and hex maps of strategy games. Maps, military forces and cities are realistically modeled and textured, and they animate to show action.
Effortless navigation: Player’s console provides one-click access to all critical information and action areas: economic status; natural resources and production capacity; military units; diplomatic agreements; game score summary; comparison to real history; and more.
Deep Regional Detail: Every country is richly detailed with its major industrial, civilian and military resources. Regional terrain and geopolitical features are rendered in true-to-life form and they change shape based on actions in the game. In total, MH2 provides over 800 land and sea regions.
Extensive Economic Models: Extremely detailed and dynamic economic models, more than any other video game. Makes the MH2 a true challenge of global leadership, not just a test of military might.
"What if" Scenarios: Tremendous historical detail and sophisticated AI lets you take your shot at fame (or infamy). MH2 lets you plan – and replay – historic moments of WWII as the leader of France, England, Germany, Italy, USSR, Japan or the United States.
Multi-Turn Combat: Innovative combat system allows many approaches to engagements from massive assaults to holding actions. Supplies, reinforcements and geography all play into your battle plan.
Flexible Victory Conditions: Players determine what victory is for each game, selecting from: Win as an individual country, as an Alliance, or as an Ideological group.
Simultaneous Turns: Allows all players to make their turns without waiting for anyone else.
Country as Character: Each of the playable nations is designed with the unique "personality" and physical assets it possessed in World War II. Unlike other war games, players do not play the Axis or the Allies; they play a specific country and write their own history of the war based on how they lead that nation.
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