Mario Super
Genre Action -> Platform
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Mario Super is one more remake or maybe: continuation? - of the famous Super Mario Bros, a legendary game that almost everyone has played in their lives. However, if you have just completed the last level of the original Mario game, you will not be bored with this one Mario Super is nothing like countless Mario games featuring the same levels you have got bored with. The stages in this one have been designed from the scratch, what makes them completely different and new even, if the sceneries are similar. The music and sound effects stay the same but graphics have been enhanced. Another thing that has been changed is the difficulty level the game is much easier than Super Mario Bros, therefore it is recommended mostly for unexperienced players, new in the platform world of Mario, and for relaxation not for a challenge. With the mighty force of the mushroom and flower power given to you at the very beginning of the game, defeating evil Bowser's armies should not be difficult. Download Mario Super and help Mario one more time!
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