Masters of Belial
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
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Masters of belial is a 3D Action strategy online role playing game
that takes place in ancient earth.
Long ago an ancient race of beings that called themselves Angels
begun masquerading as sentient beings and through the mani-
pulation of powerful kings they establish a system of control on the
After thousands of years of dominion a group of gypsy heretics
discovered the true evil that has plagued this world and decided
to put an end to it. With the help of the powerful Daemon King
Belial the truth seekers seek to open the portal to the demonic
realms and release the imprisoned Daemons to the world to destroy
the angels and bring peace in the lands.

Fierce Competition in team and solo matches.

An incredible large number of Unique Heroes to play with.

Free! to Download and Play.

Reputation System that helps separate pros, noobs and leavers!

The game was designed with maximum Replayability in mind.

Low System Requirements!

Hear the Story of the Daemons and Angels like you never heard it before.
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