Matchmaker: Joining Hearts
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date 2010-02-09
Publisher Sugar Games
Date 2010-02-09
Publisher Sugar Games
In the game you assume the role of Helen Jones, a nice woman that moves to a resort town where even wind whispers love. However, there are still some lonely hearts that haven't found partners yet. An encounter with a new neighbor inspires you to start helping singles choose a partner employing your own highly efficient approach.
Not unlike a detective, you visit the single in question and the three candidates at their places - but instead of evidence you look for objects that may characterize their owner and use your observations to decide who will be the perfect match for your friend. To make sure the choice is right you will also have to spot identical objects in the rooms of the single and the potential partner, as they are bound to have lots in common. After the match has been found, you help your friend make an impressive gift and organize the perfect first date - each of the tasks featuring its own challenge, including searching objects by name and by shape and finding a right place for an item.

- 40 different scenes and 70 levels
- More than 2000 unique objects
- Romantic story line and exciting gameplay
- Great replay value due to objects automatically changing location
- Different hidden object gameplay mechanics
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