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Maximum-Football takes flexibility to a whole new level. By allowing the players to select and change nearly every option of play, from Canadian vs. Professional USA rules to setting your own playbook for each team, Maximum-Football is the PC football fan's dream come true. Play or coach your team to victory in a fully customizable league system, draft free agents, and create the ultimate football team.

Maximum-Football ships with full access to the database of players, plays, and more, allowing users to input their own information about any number of factors. This means an avid Maximum-Football fan could use these tools for everything from casual play to matches with Fantasy Football teams!

Player salary & basic contract information.
16 individual ratings over and above things like height, weight and age.
Statistical categories for passing, rushing, receiving, special teams, defensive teams, etc...
User definable league structures allow for unlimited numbers of teams in 1 to 4 conferences with 1 to 4 divisions per conference.
Players can be created manually or automatically generated.
A free agent draft system.
Each team can have its own playbook.
Create and edit formations & plays for offense, defense and special teams.
Play routes are created via drawing command points and assigning scripted commands to each point. No longer are you restricted to selecting from half dozen hard coded routes.
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