Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Date 2001-05-11
North America Retail Box ArtMayday is set on Earth, in the year 2051, against a backdrop of war and international turmoil. Players choose one of three confederations, and each confederation requires a different game style and strategy. Players can embark on 40 missions, including evacuation, escort, sabotage, and all-out destruction. There are nine types of buildings and 40 types of units; players have full control over unit attacking/defensive behaviors. Units and defenses can be updated by specialized equipment, including satellite weapons support, teleportation, weapons amplifiers, and mine laying. All units are able to learn from previous conflicts, and can adjust their approach in future battles accordingly. Players can research espionage and weapons. There are more than 60 minutes of full-motion video, and the game has multiplayer support for up to four players.
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