Medieval 2: Total War
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 599
Date 2006-11-14
Publisher Sega
Date 2006-11-10
Publisher Sega
Medieval 2: Total War United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe game boasts an impressive array of new graphical and gameplay enhancements, including the capability for a massive 10,000 dynamic characters to be taken into battle at any one time. On top of this, The Creative Assembly have implemented a fully redesigned multiplayer mode that offers a dynamic multi-battle campaign bolstered by an unprecedented level of visceral combat choreography that reflects the brutality of medieval warfare.

Stunning Graphics are cinematically presented and have twice the detail and richness of Rome: Total War.
Enhanced animations and finishing moves create fluid and realistic action onscreen
Unique blend of visceral real-time combat and grand empire building
Greater variety of new factions, units, and imperial agents
Improved individual units with different faces, clothing, armor and shields, swinging different weapons and riding various horses.
Historical authenticity offers players a chance to learn about the Crusades, Renaissance and the discovery of the Americas.
New multiplayer modes offer greater and more exciting challenges
Improved accessibility – including integrated tutorial and AI advisors – will walk new players through the Total War experience
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Medieval 2: Total War United Kingdom Retail Box Art