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Memoria Video Dev Diary 4 (HD)
154.25MB - 42 downloads - 29 August, 2013

In the fourth and last part of the Memoria developers diary the team tells you more about the voice-recordings to the adventure. Voice-over artists Sascha Dräger and Joschy Peters also talk about their characters Geron and Fahi.

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Memoria English Trailer (HD)
48.56MB - 64 downloads - 28 August, 2013

Step into the fantastic world of Aventuria and follow two intertwined stories from different epochs. Five centuries have passed since Princess Sadja of the far realm of Fasar set forth to become the greatest hero of all time. But for reasons no one remembers, she failed. Her deeds forgotten, her name lost in the sands of time. Now it is on Geron, the young bird catcher, to unravel the secret of the vanished princess.

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Memoria Video Dev Diary 3 (HD)
134.58MB - 42 downloads - 17 August, 2013

Manuel Vorwald and Carolin Simon tell you more about the design of the game's 2D backgrounds and 3D characters.

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Memoria Video Dev Diary 2 (HD)
80.69MB - 37 downloads - 9 August, 2013

Project-manager Jonas Hüsges, writer Kevin Mentz and game-designer Tim Haneberg give interesting insights into the puzzle-design of Memoria.

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Memoria English Teaser Trailer (HD)
27.73MB - 71 downloads - 26 June, 2013

The point & click adventure Memoria takes you straight to the fantastic realm of Aventuria. The story has a mind-bending twist as it asks you to reconsider what we mean by history, by fame and even by memory

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