Merchant Prince
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date 2001-06-08
Publisher Take 2
North America Retail Box ArtExplore The World! Your family can rule the high seas, and crush the competition in this all out, global conquest game. You embark from your center and establish trade routes. But, this is only the beginning. Your popularity is at stake as you involve yourself with the church and state. The others in power say you can't do it - Do you have the strength? Delve into the political power struggle, entrench yourself in the ruling establishment of the church, and trade in exotic commerce to become the Master Of The World - "The Merchant Prince".

- Historical And Random World Maps Along With Land And Naval Trade Routes
- Four Players, Modem Play, Strong Artificial Intelligence And Complete Scoring History
- Build Your Own Road System - Worldwide!
- Manipulate The Local Politicians And Inspire The Church And People.
- 3.5" Diskette (MS-DOS) - Copyright 1993 QQP, Inc.
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