Meridian 59
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
Today's Rank 10210
Date N/A
Publisher 3DO
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Immerse yourself in a mysterious world poplulated by thousands of other real human advernturers. Foul bests roam the land, an evil Duke plots to gain control of the Kingdom, a long gorgotten island is rediscovered... what kind of life will you choose to lead in this exciting new world? Form a guild of powerful warriors or walk your path alone-- anything is possible! Building on the rich and complex world of Meridian 59, Revelation adds an entirely new island kingdom with a dark secret and deadly inhabitants, more than 40 new spells, new creatures, 30 new NPC characters, new graphics, a whole new sound and music engine, and dynamic multiplayer and multilevel quests.

- Massively multiplayer - Hundreds of users play simultaneously in a game that never ends.
- Real time in-you-face combat!
- Create a personalized avatar. Thousands of possible combinations.
- Explore a huge and complex world. More than 150 areas!
- Immersive 3D graphics put you in the game. Look your friends and enemies straight in the eye!
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