Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 22475
Date 2000-03-30
Publisher Interplay
Date 2001-03-30
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtMessiah puts a spin on typical third-person action-adventure gameplay. The player's character, a diaper-clad cherub named Bob, has been sent down from the heavens to set the world straight. Scientists experimenting with dimensional portals have brought the Lord of Darkness, as well as other nefarious minions, into the world. God hopes you, as his miniature messiah, can clean up the streets and restore order. Bob lacks many important abilities; the baby angel can run, crawl, push buttons, and hover slightly with his tiny little wings, but he can't carry weapons or directly fight his many enemies. Bob must possess characters inside the game world in order to use weaponry (which include flamethrowers, machine guns, grenades, and shotguns), solve puzzles, and traverse difficult platform-style obstacles. The player will possess and depossess dozens of different character types during the adventure--everything from dancers, rats, and cops to nuclear technicians and large armored beasts. Messiah's diverse gameplay consists of knowing whom to possess and when, and then using the host to the utmost potential. Despite being in development for over three years, Messiah's 3-D engine and special effects compare well with the latest and greatest computer games. Still, there have been reports of glitches with the most recent advancements in 3-D video card technology. A troubleshooting page at solves most graphics card issues. Messiah's visuals scale down to meet your computer's speed. If you're using a slower computer, the engine automatically removes detail and special effects so you maintain a satisfactory frame rate. The effect works, but the amount of detail lost means you should still strive for the fastest machine possible (at least the minimum requirements) when you assume the role of Messiah. --Doug Radcliffe Pros: The art of possession introduces a unique spin to gameplay Excellent graphics engine that scales down to meet your computer's speed Solid blend of a third-person shooter and third-person sneaker Cons: Several bugs in initial release
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