Metal Combat
Genre Action -> Fighting
Today's Rank 0
Date 2006-00-00
Publisher Solar Studios
Date N/A
Publisher Solar Studios
Scrappy Muldune sold out when he took money from the government in exchange for letting them unload thousands of barrels filled with toxic, contaminated, and hazardous wastes into his once peaceful salvage yard. When all that waste mixed with the rust, junk, and oil, his junkyard came alive. You came alive, and now you must fight! Players bash, kick, and beat down on junkyard fighters to become the next Heavy Metal Dominator.

° Awesome multiplayer fighting action ° Totally physics-based characters and worlds ° Over 35 playable Junkyard Dominators ° Massive worlds with tons of levels ° A different game experience with every Heavy Metal Dominator ° Secret levels, unlockable dudes, mini games ° Single and multiplayer modes
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