Metal Marines
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
Publisher Mindscape
Date N/A
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North America Retail Box ArtIt's 2257. A sadistic military dictator, Zorgeuf, and his band of psychotic terrorists have commandeered a revolutionary power source that has ripped the United Earth to shreds. You and the straggling remnants of the United Earth's forces are dug in and fighting to hold what's left of the planet - a ragged string of islands under siege by a hailstorm of destruction plummeting from Zorgeuf's satellites. Your mission? Protect the paralyzed citizens of United Earth, and rebuild the infrastructure that Zorgeuf has reduced to rubble. Resources are limited. Time is short. You must plan intelligently, manage carefully, execute perfectly. Soon, you realize your only hope of stopping this military madman rests in the mammoth, metallic, mechanized warriors that even Zorgeuf's forces cannot hope to stop. Enter the Metal Marines. In this Master Edition, one of the country's most popular strategy games, you'll bring futuristic warfare to a whole new level. Challenge enemies over a network. Hear war cries in stereo-quality sound. Even create your own battle topographies. It's not just your chance for global supremacy. It's a whole new dimension of defense, destruction, and delicious revenge.

- Plot brilliant military strategies against enemies across a network
- Hear the digitized voices of comrades and enemies through stereo sound effects.
- Explore impressive 3D-rendered military charts and profiles.
- Generate random islands with unique topographical forms.
- Wield total control over your marines' movements once they land on an island.
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