Miami Vice
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
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Date 2004-12-03
Publisher Koch Media
Staying true to the classic series of the 80's, this 3rd person action shooter focuses on Sonny Crocket and Ricardo Tubbs, two cops within Miami's Metro-Dade police "Vice" department, and their continuing battle against the illicit drugs underworld. Players embark on dangerous raids and fast-moving gunfights, in a bid to destroy the narcotics empire of Miami. Licensed by Universal Studios; Miami Vice: The Game incorporates all of the original characters and locations from the iconic 80's cop drama.

Players can switch between detectives Crocket and Tubbs, in order to overcome challenges unique to their skill set. Crocket moves swift and silent, for more covert situations, while Tubbs deals with heavy situations, shotgun in hand. Utilizing an originally designed 'Partner AI System', unique team working game play enables orders to be given to partners for backup, covering fire, doors to be kicked in and arrests to be made.
The heat is on, as Crocket and Tubbs get involved in a gang power struggle, within the Miami underworld. The plot weaves a winding trail through the Miami high class, as the detectives 'stake out' and 'move in' on a luxurious beach house, classy art gallery and a regal hotel. It's not all glamour however, as the plot takes a turn to explore the dark and seedy side of Miami's criminal world.
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