Microsoft Golf 2001
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Date 2000-09-20
Date 2000-09-22
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe golf courses featured in Microsoft Golf 2001 look simply glorious on screen. The high quality graphics provide very realistic scenery and the soundtrack includes the tweeting of birds and the occasional distant rumble of the world going about its business to add to the charm. The seven courses include the palm-tree fringed Mauna Kea and the dramatic rock formations of Three Canyons. You'll be pleased to know that the "ball physics" has been improved too. There are three computer golfers as opponents with amateur, professional and championship status. You can design players down to their shirt colour, picking a persona from the five male and three female figures available, issuing them with clubs and choosing their default swing type. Players display a repertoire of gestures--Male 3, for instance, has a habit of throwing his hat to the ground in frustration when things aren't going his way--and comments after a stroke is played--these range from "Gee!" to "Break out the swim wear" when a golf ball plunges to a watery grave. There are lessons to help you master the game, tools for improving your play and camera angles for getting the best view of the green. The aerial view gives an overview and as you near the hole, a grid overlays the green to show the lie of the land clearly. Course and player statistics are collected for viewing and printing This is a delight for golfing addicts, even imparting something of the peaceful outdoor experience for those who can't get onto a green. --Mark Whitehorn
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