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MicroVolts is a highly charged online shooter that offers an innovative Third Person approach over the traditional First Person shooter, making it easier to play and more fun to watch while offering extra excitement and intensity. Among a thriving number of different weapons, characters, levels and fast paced gameplay, another of the games unique feature is the possibility to customize your character. With literally thousands of cosmetic items either purchasable or freely available, no one character must look the same.
Each individual player’s statistics are logged and MicroVolts also gives the opportunity to level up so your character becomes an even more feared opponent in the fun-to-play levels. MicroVolts takes place in a fun environment that features the battle of puppets vs. puppets. Watch from Third Person perspective how your own puppet handles the Gatling Gun and wreaks havoc among the enemy puppets.
Game modes include Deathmatch team battle, Deathmatch item battle, Weapon restriction battles and many more, while also featuring various maps designed by toy concept.
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MicroVolts Knox Pow Wow Trailer (HD)
86.94MB - 63 downloads - 26 January, 2012

Knox, a super poseable hip hop action figure,uses his street smarts and heavy build to defend himself in the toybattlegrounds. As a constant jokester, comic relief is always apart of his gameplay but with Knox's tough exterior comes a heart ofgold. This new update centers around this favorite MicroVoltscharacter and features all-new Chief and Warrior costume sets inspiredby traditional Native American outfits! Players can also getexcited about the new Katana melee weapons as well as the three newrare rifles and a brand new costume set for Pandora, all of which areavailable exclusively in MicroVolts' Capsule Machine! Another cool component of the update is the newmap, "Bitmap", based on the developers' actual office space! This challenging new battlefield takes place on top of office desks,behind computer screens and various other office supplies. Players can finally become part of the developers' world as they fendoff enemies to reign supreme in this ultimate toy battle!

play MicroVolts Knox Pow Wow Trailer (HD) download MicroVolts Knox Pow Wow Trailer (HD)
MicroVolts Halloween Trailer (HD)
63.34MB - 31 downloads - 28 October, 2011

MicroVolters are in for a haunting good time with limited edition Halloween costume sets, a variety of ghostly events and more (0:59)

play MicroVolts Halloween Trailer (HD) download MicroVolts Halloween Trailer (HD)
Microvolts Oktoberfest Update Trailer (HD)
61.64MB - 29 downloads - 29 September, 2011

0:55 of gameplay footage

play Microvolts Oktoberfest Update Trailer (HD) download Microvolts Oktoberfest Update Trailer (HD)
MicroVolts Summer Recharge Update Trailer (HD)
76.64MB - 37 downloads - 14 July, 2011

0:32 of gameplay footage

play MicroVolts Summer Recharge Update Trailer (HD.. download MicroVolts Summer Recharge Update Trailer (HD..
MicroVolts Launch Trailer (HD)
145.34MB - 61 downloads - 7 June, 2011

A sneak peek at what's in store for the official release on June 9th (2:33)

play MicroVolts Launch Trailer (HD) download MicroVolts Launch Trailer (HD)
Microvolts Zombie Mode Trailer (HD)
180.73MB - 54 downloads - 5 May, 2011

0:55 of gameplay footage

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Microvolts Open Beta Trailer (HD)
83.47MB - 52 downloads - 7 March, 2011

1:33 of gameplay footage

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MicroVolts Welcome To Our Playground Trailer (HD)
257.58MB - 35 downloads - 25 January, 2011

2:57 of gameplay footage

play MicroVolts Welcome To Our Playground Trailer .. download MicroVolts Welcome To Our Playground Trailer ..
MicroVolts Gameplay Trailer
68.4MB - 40 downloads - 1 July, 2010

1:25 of gameplay footage

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MicroVolts Trailer
43.74MB - 39 downloads - 8 June, 2010

1:41 of cinematic footage

play MicroVolts Trailer download MicroVolts Trailer