Might and Magic 8
Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 7263
Date 2000-03-01
Publisher 3DO
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtMight and Magic VIII is a first-person role-playing game in the best sword-and-sorcery tradition. Built on the bedrock foundation of earlier games in the series (particularly MM VI and MM VII,) Might and Magic VIII brings back many story lines and features that made its predecessors so enjoyable. This is a game for hard-core role-players, those who like lots of customization options for their heroic personas. Players are not restricted to merely playing a male or female human--minotaurs, vampires, and dark elves are up for grabs, too. Hero characteristics are under player control, and you can even select your voice. Then, once the character is created, you are off to the first village, a settlement of lizard people on a small island besieged by pirates. Quests are plentiful and battles are easy to find. Players can also recruit other warriors to join their cause--a good idea, because battles have an awesome scope and hundreds of combatants. Going it alone is just asking for trouble. Might and Magic VIII has been designed to look and run much like the earlier games in the series, and as a result, it has the look of a program several years older than it is. Players looking for the newest in graphic design and game engines will probably dislike the retro feel of this game. For everyone else--those who enjoyed the earlier games or anyone with a serious thirst for quests and combat--Might and Magic VIII is definitely a top choice. --Alyx Dellamonica Pros: Returns to old Might and Magic games, where you can play nonhuman heroes Huge, fabulous battles Players can make their own notes on highly detailed maps Antagonistic monsters often fight amongst themselves Cons: No multiplayer support Game engine dates to circa 1998 Interface and combat system are clunky compared to similar games
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