Mindscape Kakuro
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Publisher Mindscape
Date 2006-03-10
Publisher Mindscape
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtMore challenging and addictive than Sudoku, Kakuro is the new number crossword. Just like a crossword, there are across and down clues but instead of filling in letters, you fill in the squares using the numbers one to nine. The object of Kakuro is to place the numbers one to nine in blocks of two to nine squares running horizontally and vertically in a grid. The numbers must add up to the number attached to that row and cannot be repeated within each entry. Mindscape Kakuro is the most challenging puzzle game you'll ever come across.

Unlimited amount of Kakuro puzzles
100 grid sizes: choose from 6 puzzle sizes or create your own
5 difficulty levels: Very easy, Easy, Medium, Hard and Devious
Comprehensive Puzzle Aids: use the Clue Combination Tool if you get stuck
Print your own puzzles or email them to friends and family
Pencil in your working as you go
Enter puzzles from newspapers and have the program solve it for you
Full undo/redo history so you can backtrack through your game
Multiple backgrounds
Great for puzzle addicts of all ages
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