Modern Warrior: Special Tactics
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date N/A
Date N/A
In a new first-person shooter player takes on role of a Russian special tactics unit known as Specnaz. The Motherland somehow lost another nuclear warhead to the terrorists and itís up to the player to recover the bomb and punish some heavy armed dusky beardies.

Authentic world in the setting of Iraq and the entire of Siberia
Realistic control behavior and big choice of weapons, ranging from short range sidearms to RPG and heavy machine-gun
Strong associations with the main character through entire story
Destructible environment, inflammable materials
Interesting plot featuring unforeseen treacheries, general conspiracy and averting civil war in Russia
Superb collective AI
Many special in-game effects, dynamic and adrenaline-pumping style of combat
Based on the engine of the highly acclaimed game Ubersoldier
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Screenshots added: 2009-02-04