Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 12530
Date N/A
Publisher Logitech
Date 2000-11-03
Publisher Take 2
North America Retail Box ArtSet in the future on a distant planet, Moho is a gladiatorial game that sees you battling against the odds to win your freedom and become the people's champion. You play one of five characters who is forced to play in the games for the benefit of the law-abiding citizens after having being imprisoned by the State. To add to your woes, these gladiator games deem that you should lose your legs in favour of a more challenging control method, a ball.The gameplay itself is based around an arena-style competition with different prisons having different arenas as you attempt to fight your way through the 80 levels the game boasts.Arenas vary greatly in the tasks that are set before you, ranging from Pursuit that involves you completing a course and scaling obstacles while the ground is ebbing away at your feet, to the arena of Last Man Rolling, a "who can survive the longest" type affair.Lost Toys, the developer of this game have put a rather interesting twist on what could have been a real dead-beat game, and with seven different game styles within one game, this title is great for people who get bored of games sporting the same old level after level. --Stuart Miles
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