Mole Control
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date 2010-01-20
Date 2010-01-20
Pilot a crazy buggy through a mind-bending adventure to unlock the mystery behind the runaway moles or enjoy a frantic time attack challenge in the village Mole Control competition. Either way your aim is to rid one town of its exploding moles!Use Supermole power-ups through six zones and over 35 randomly populated, totally re-playable levels to enhance this brain-teasing experience.

• Uncover numbers with your buggy and use to find and dig up exploding moles… but be careful not to drive over them!
• Play through Adventure Mode to save the village and unlock the frantic Time Attack levels in order to win the village’s annual Mole Control competition
• Random puzzle generation for ultimate replay value in over 35 levels
• Unlockable background story to find the mystery behind the runaway moles.
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