Money Tree
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? William the gardener has inherited a very strange house, with an even stranger tree in the yard. Help William catch the falling leaves and transplant them onto apple, pear, cherry and orange trees. Monitor the weather and help William meet his daily goals.

If William is able to sell enough of his fruit, fight off the caterpillars and crows, and earn enough money, then he’ll be that much closer to winning over the affections of his one true love, Elizabeth Grant.

Enhance your garden with gazebos, benches, water fountains, and flower beds to make Lizzy’s affections increase. Collect special leaves to grow even greater fruits—use currency leaves to grow cash and golden leaves to grow precious jewels to earn money even faster. Watch the cherries, oranges, apples and pears ripen for harvest as William and Elizabeth’s love blooms.

· 40 brilliantly rendered levels featuring six tree types
· Cool power-ups to help you grow your fruit trees faster and earn more money!
· Enhance your garden with water fountains, benches, walkways and arboretums
· Fend off bothersome pests to protect your trees
· Help William win his unrequited love!
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