Monopoly 3 Review

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Graphics: 7.5
Sound : 7.0
Gameplay : 8.0
Multiplayer : 8.5
Overall : 7.8
Review by A.S.

"No game library is complete without the new MONOPOLY game for the PC!" said the box cover, and believe it or not, for once in this industry, they were right.

If you own any other version, I doubt you'd like to 'upgrade' (considering you already have it in your game library as the box stated), but if not, read up, it's worth it.

Monopoly hasn't changed much over the years, with the actual board game being released in so many flavors and colors, junior editions, Europe editions, 50 years editions and infinite more topping, we get to play it on PC without needing to tidy up afterwards.

Entering the game you will find a nice, simplistic menu with a few options, start a new game, some options, multiplayer and so forth, nothing you wouldn't expect from a game with a box with a logo as big as monopoly on it. As I was saying, the natural choice would be to play some computer opponents to get the general feel of the game, the AI is decent enough to play against, and you can choose one of the 3 different difficulty levels for each computer player you add, adding a different sense to every computer player.
Before starting, you are presented with a load of options, what kind of board you would like to play on, whether it?s the classic monopoly board, or one of the more 'modern' boards based on some of the cities found in the US (Boston, New York, LA...), there's not much different in the game play, just gives you a different feel if you need it.
I won't get into the actual game rules, I doubt a human being (or alien) that exists in this universe hasn't seen a monopoly board once in his life, and the dynamics are pretty much the same, in the player screen, you have the choice to pick a token, all the official tokens are in there, nicely models with chrome all over it, shiny and ready for action.

The board is presented using a 3D engine, there are various fixed camera positions for you to play around with, or just freely move around the table. Each token has its own voice-over, some female, some male, there's also the hidden announcer that tries to (with much success) keep the players awake.

Reaching the peak with this title isn't hard, all it takes is one click on Game Spy arcade, for the experience you might have had before, multiplayer is simply a joy with monopoly, playing against people online gives this title infinite replay value. I spent 2 hours playing against a friend of mine and I couldn't drop it, and the more friends, the more interesting it gets.

Honestly, don't deprive yourself or your children from an experience they should try, either buy them this, or buy them the original table board game and play it with them, for a better tomorrow.

I'd like to dedicate this review for my dear friend that enjoys monopoly so much, and helped her beat, well, everyone I know, to Wedian.