Monopoly Tycoon
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Date 2003-03-04
Publisher Atari
Date 2001-11-09
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtMonopoly Tycoon is, put simply, a marriage between the classic board game and the city building aspects of Sim City. It's an idea that shouldn't work as well as it does. Licensed games usually don't take risks and that's what makes this one quite brilliant. Deep Red has dared to take Monopoly concepts and use them to make a game of city building, but also of property management and brutal economics, all encased in one gorgeous graphics engine. After playing through a very detailed tutorial series of missions you'll proceed to the main game: a series of locked scenarios you unlock by successfully completing the previous one. There are three difficulty levels and you can choose to play as any of the familiar playing pieces, each with their own personality, advantages and disadvantages. The game itself plays on a 3-D map. You can zoom in to see the wandering people and their cars, or zoom out to view the map top-down like a board game. The layout isn't like the board game, however, it's more like a city, but Monopoly conventions hold true. Each block consists of two or three coloured properties with familiar names. You can't buy these properties. You can build on any of them, owning various retail or residential buildings of varying size and height, and pay rent to the property owner, or you can engage in an auction to lease the property (for 25 years). If you lease all the properties of a colour you gain a monopoly and can build lucrative hotels and even commandeer buildings away from rivals. The action begins in the 30s and moves all the way to the new Millennia. You'll see styles and cars all change to show this as time moves forward, which is a nice touch.All told, Monopoly Tycoon is a must for fans of the Sim or Tycoon lines of games. It's deep, fun, has a great multiplayer option, and it has just enough Monopoly in it to be utterly charming to anyone familiar with the classic board game. Infogames didn't invent the city-building game here, but they did reinvent Monopoly for the 21st century. --Bob Andrews

- Build an empire by building businesses, attracting customers, & outwitting your opponents Block by block
- Outbid competitors at property auctions to assemble a business & real-estate juggernaut
- Unleash marketing & advertising campaigns with devastating effect
- Manage each business and attract customers to generate cash
- Buy the electric and water utilities, and keep an eye out for new opportunities
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