Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 8280
Date 1999-12-30
Publisher Interplay
Date 2001-05-04
North America Retail Box ArtDespite tons of controversy and bailouts by at least two prospective publishers, Mortyr finally hit the market--and received a collective yawn from gamers everywhere. This disappointing first-person shooter has very few redeeming qualities, aside from a good story that could have been developed into a very solid game. You play a soldier from a future in which the Nazis won World War II and now dominate the world. Going back in time, Terminator-style, to rewrite history and prevent the Nazi victory, you'll end up fighting enemies from the past and the future as you gun your way through the game's 21 levels. For the most part, Mortyr's levels are exceptionally well designed--at least from an architectural perspective. The settings for each level are lavishly detailed, with vaulted ceilings and well-done lighting effects (except for some very bizarre colored lighting in certain areas, that is). Unfortunately, nice-looking buildings and rooms are about the only things Mortyr has going for it. The sound effects in this game are terrible. Popgun-like noises for even the heaviest of weapons seriously diminishes the overall immersion factor. It's also very difficult to tell when you're being shot at or even when you've been shot, which is always a bad thing in games of this type. Also, the movement controls are often jerky and seem like an awkward fit for the nicely rendered backdrops. It's almost as if they overhauled the 3-D graphics engine but maintained the old Wolfenstein 3-D control scheme. Basically, Mortyr is just another shooter that failed to take advantage of its interesting premise. --Michael E. Ryan Pros: Hearkens back to Wolfenstein 3-D Some truly amazing 3-D architecture Cons: Less fun than Wolfenstein 3-D Poor 3-D models Terrible game play, sound effects, and movement
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