Moscow to Berlin: Red Siege
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 9148
Date 2006-06-07
Publisher Cinemaware
Date N/A
Publisher Cinemaware
North America Retail Box ArtMoscow to Berlin: Red Siege is the latest installment in the well established line of World War II strategy games developed by MonteCristo. Scheduled for release in June 2006, Moscow to Berlin follows in the footsteps Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps, D-Day, and 1944: Battle of the Bulge, bringing World War II action to your fingertips. Players will jump in the seat of both German and Russian tanks as they try their strategic skills on the Eastern Front. Engage in actual historic battles on painstakingly recreated battlefields. There is no resource management, so it’s all action with your troops and tanks battling new and deadly challenges on every campaign!

- Three fascinating solo campaigns featuring battles from the Axis and Russian sides with a total of 20 replayable missions.
- Over 100 authentic weapons, vehicles and units unleash against the army. Encyclopia mode provides historic background and strategy tips.
- Three player mode including Conquer, Capture the Flag and Deathmatch.
- Artillery support, air strikes and aerial recon give armies long range support before rolling in the tanks!
- Stunning graphics show the intense detail of the Russian and German battlegrounds as weather seasons change. Narrated in-game cutscenes explain objectives and historical significance of each mission.
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